Well I can no longer run, my leg is so sore it’s bruised the bone and have an open wound and currently it’s taking every bit of my energy to do anything, it’s actually heart breaking knowing how far I have come especially with the support of the team including family members & ArcticONE charity.


I’m on a bit of a downer but In life we have to learn to take the rough with the smooth and I suppose this is one of those moments.Image

On the 27th of April I am competing in Lydney’s first triathlon NO MATTER WHAT!!! but I don’t expect great results at this time

My bike and swim are ok but run not so good and will really need the support of people taking part and those watching to get me round the course.

I went to the hospital this morning but bit upset the hospital cannot make me a new socket and have to wait 3 months. A private funded one is 5k and this is not an option for me personally unless I can get some funding.

Over the coming months, years I will support ArcticONE Foundation to raise money for other amputees like me inc kids so that everyone gets the opportunity to participate in sport.



New addition

Hi everyone,

Well where do I start a new recruit to the team, baby Logan Lewis weighing in at 8lb 12oz and has made me a very happy man I must say. It’s hard to be a full time working dad and athlete training 6/7 days a week but others have done it so it must be possible just happy I have such an understanding wife.

New recruit











Obviously I love my family very much and would do anything for them but I also love my training and triathlon. I have so much riding on this and really want to do those that have supported me proud, also give my kids something to be proud of as they grow up.

The day after Logan was born some may say it’s selfish but I was in the gym the following morning training and also paid the pool a visit. I thought it was also a good opportunity to give me wife some rest and bonding time with our new team member.

Triathlon due to the many disciplines is very demanding and even more so for an amputee.

I am an through knee amputee and this has it’s advantages and massive disadvantages. I am currently finding the amount of training I am putting in is causing me some serious leg issues due to the socket I wear not fitting correctly. This is holding me back slightly and I need to look at a private funded socket soon and will have to start looking at some fundraising or support from local business in Gloucestershire.

To manufacture one of these sockets costs 5-6k and for sure is not cheap.

On a more positive note I have been spending time in local schools here in the Forest of Dean to show children that disability is nothing to be afraid of and I’ve been helping them learn to run.

I have also received an official letter telling me I have been selected for the development squad and will be attending a launch day in Loughbourgh, it’s now starting to feel real 🙂

Thanks for reading 🙂 x

Ok so here we are, I thought I would take the time to record my progress through a blog and use it to let others see and read where I am with becoming an elite para triathlete.

In 1999 I lost my leg in a horrific bike accident where a 38 tonne lorry ran me over at the age of 16 causing me to have multiple operations and spend 3 months in hospital. Then in 2005 after many operations and infections and after seeing the troops returning from Iraq receiving artificial legs I decided to have mine amputated.

After my accident

After my accident

I tried for months after everything settled down to find a sport that would keep me fit and healthy, however could never really find anything to keep me focused so started to watch rugby, wishing I could play but new this would not be an option.

In 2007 my daughter Jazmin was born and it opened my eyes to the world once again, it took me out of the depressed state and made me think a little more clearly about life and the point of it. In 2008 i decided to marry the girl my teenage girlfriend that had stuck with me through the thick and thin and I slowly started to rebuild my life.

I always had a passion to run again and wanted to run with my daughter, I decided that I would start a project late in 2012 to raise the 5k  needed for the high tech mechanical knee and carbon running blade after watching the London 2012 games. I contacted lots of local businesses to raise the funds, after 6 months I had raised the much needed money to get one of these bespoke blades and contacted the manufacture Ottobock to purchase one. My local limb centre had to build the socket and ensure it was comfortable.

Once I received my running blade and after months of trying to use it on my own, i took up sprinting at Bristol sports academy and Bristol & West athletics club. I was coached by the sprinting coaches and they taught me technique and made me believe in myself that I could run.

I then contacted a charity called Limbpower. This charity is excellent and encourages disabled people to take part in all different sort of sports including children. While at this event I was asked to come back as a mentor to help encourage others to run.

In 2013 I returned to Stoke Mandeville to be a mentor and while there not really sure that sprinting was for me (considering I was always into endurance and distance running) I was approached by ArcticONE who mentioned to try triathlon. (Who and what is ArcticONE you ask??) Well they are a charity set up by Matt Kirby and Bex Stubbings along with other supporters to encourage disabled people into sport. They are amazing!!!! I decided that I was going to give triathlon a go.

5 months ago I could not swim, run or bike very well and had to learn this quickly to be able to compete in 2014, with the support of ArcticONE and other coaches locally to me I am now very confident in my own abilities and looking forward to a season of triathlon.

It has not been easy for me over the last few years, first loosing my leg, suffering from depression then losing my grandmother, who was a fighter and a great inspiration to me who never gave up, along with multiple issues with my legs on a weekly basis.

I have now come out the other side of it though stronger, fitter and more focused on becoming a champion and will work very hard in all triathlon disciplines to improve and to achieve this goal.

I have registered for many events this year and the latest being the British Elite Paraduathlon Championships where I finished top of my group. I am now training 6 days a week ready for the next event on 27th April the first triathlon in the Forest of Dean and then the big one for me in the next coming months in Liverpool “Triathlon Championships”

I will update my blog in the coming months with my training and progress.

After Championships